Email Marketing 

A Simple Yet Effective Way To Reach New Customers

 Email is one of the simplest ways to communicate to anyone.                  You can target a specific business or person with a message.

The email format allows you to convey more information about your business to your prospects than simply putting up a targeted advertisement.

You can reach people by creating an email newsletter which allows you to convey the reasons that set your business apart from everyone else.

You can create a thank you email when a transaction is completed.  There are retention email campaigns where you can periodically email your prospects.

You can create promotional e-mails for your prospects to buy for the first                or second time.

Email has more of a connection because you are communicating with them directly.

The father of email is computer programmer Ray Tomlinson, who in 1971 sent the first electronic mail message, the rest is history. 

Compared to other forms of marketing on the internet email is a very cost-efficient strategy and can get your message out to either a broad or targeted audience.